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“Generally, I attend trainings and most of them are not useful to my everyday practice.  As it turns out, after attending this training I met multiple women who are pregnant or recently postpartum who use Methadone and I was able to pull knowledge from the training.  I was even able to educate a few nurses on the topic!  Overall, the presentation and information was informative. ”  –Attendee at a training in March 2012

“Katie is a wonderful speaker.  She is passionate about this subject and a true advocate for pregnant women.  Just in her short time here she has educated care managers, nurses, docotrs, social workers, and others with her knowledge and insight about methadone treatment.  We are helping women now beacause of Katie’s presentation. Everyone’s goal is to help these women have healthy birth outcomes and Katie gives us the information to make a start.”                                     –Attendee at a training in March 2012

“I just wanted to share with you my experience and say thank-you for your contribution as it is so needed. You have helped me as I’m sure many others by the information you provide and kindness in your words. I never meant for this to be a lengthy as it has become but I suppose I needed to put it all down to you. I felt this to be very therapeutic in releasing and sharing this painful part of my journey to someone who seems to know just how important methadone information and education of the medical and social services area is  or should be. Thanks again and bless you.” –Excerpt from a woman who                                                                                                    visited the website January 2012

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