Katie Clark is currently a research assistant at the Yale School of Public Health and working towards her Masters of Science in Public Health focusing on Maternal and Child Health at UNC Chapel Hill. Katie earned her BA in Health Arts and Sciences from Goddard College where she studied public health and audio journalism, culminating in a project on opiate use during pregnancy.

From 2004 to 2009 she worked in Maine as a counselor, clinical supervisor, and program director for various opiate treatment programs providing services to pregnant and parenting women, and offered specialized trainings throughout New England on the topic of methadone and pregnancy. She is the author and administrator of this website.

If you are a pregnant woman who is actively using please feel free to contact Katie if you have questions, are looking for support, or to explore treatment options.

Friends and family of women who are or have struggled with substance use disorder, Katie is available to provide information and help you identify local resources.

Katie is available for professional consulting, training, and patient advocacy.

Please send an email to katie@methadoneandpregnancy.com to get in touch with her.

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